Tips For Using Your Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard With An Apple Operating System

We recently received the following question from a Falcon Bluetooth keyboard user:

Question: MacBook Air problems

I like the keyboard, but for some reason, I can’t get it to work properly in Mac OS. Many of the keys do nothing, like the Numlk & keypad do nothing. I didn’t see anything about it anywhere, either. How do I get it to work?


The Mac Operating System, up to and including the latest version of OS X, does not support navigation using the numeric keypad. The standard Apple Extended Keyboard does not have the arrows, Home, Pg Up, Pg Dn, End printed on the numeric keypad keys and does not have the ‘Num Lock’ key. The Extended Keyboard does have separate arrow keys and Home, Page Up, Page Down, End keys which are supported by the Falcon Keyboard, although In different locations on the keyboard.

The ‘Num’ light does not come on when depressed on the Falcon Keyboard with the Mac OS, however, the numeric keys themselves do work.

All the top row of keys work with the Mac OS but only basic functions, such as Esc and F-1 through F-12 but not all the functions on the Apple Keyboard are supported such as ‘Volume Control’ and ‘Eject’. The functions of the F keys are determined by the application you are using. You will have to experiment to see which F keys do what in each application.

The ‘Caps’ light comes on when the ‘Caps Lock’ key is depressed with the Mac OS if you are connected via Bluetooth, as will the flashing Blue Light above the F1, F2 or F3 keys, depending on which Bluetooth channel you are using, and the slowly flashing green battery light.

The ‘Prnt Scr’ (Print Screen) key does not work with the Mac OS.

There are specialized applications for the Mac OS (games for example) which may have the ability to assign an alternate function to the numeric keys but that function is not supported by the standard Mac OS.

If you have any questions about your Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard feel free to contact support at falcon@falconkeyboard.com