Tips For Using Your Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard With An Apple Operating System

We recently received the following question from a Falcon Bluetooth keyboard user:

Question: MacBook Air problems

I like the keyboard, but for some reason, I can’t get it to work properly in Mac OS. Many of the keys do nothing, like the Numlk & keypad do nothing. I didn’t see anything about it anywhere, either. How do I get it to work?


The Mac Operating System, up to and including the latest version of OS X, does not support navigation using the numeric keypad. The standard Apple Extended Keyboard does not have the arrows, Home, Pg Up, Pg Dn, End printed on the numeric keypad keys and does not have the ‘Num Lock’ key. The Extended Keyboard does have separate arrow keys and Home, Page Up, Page Down, End keys which are supported by the Falcon Keyboard, although In different locations on the keyboard.

The ‘Num’ light does not come on when depressed on the Falcon Keyboard with the Mac OS, however, the numeric keys themselves do work.

All the top row of keys work with the Mac OS but only basic functions, such as Esc and F-1 through F-12 but not all the functions on the Apple Keyboard are supported such as ‘Volume Control’ and ‘Eject’. The functions of the F keys are determined by the application you are using. You will have to experiment to see which F keys do what in each application.

The ‘Caps’ light comes on when the ‘Caps Lock’ key is depressed with the Mac OS if you are connected via Bluetooth, as will the flashing Blue Light above the F1, F2 or F3 keys, depending on which Bluetooth channel you are using, and the slowly flashing green battery light.

The ‘Prnt Scr’ (Print Screen) key does not work with the Mac OS.

There are specialized applications for the Mac OS (games for example) which may have the ability to assign an alternate function to the numeric keys but that function is not supported by the standard Mac OS.

If you have any questions about your Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard feel free to contact support at

Ring in the New School Year With Special Savings For Students

It’s time for students, teachers and parents to get ready for a new school year! To help students get ready to go back to school, Falcon Enterprises is making a special offer the Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard.  For a limited time, enter coupon code “CLASSROOM” at checkout and receive $20 off!

Many schools have been adopting centralized computer support; teachers are being given full connectivity to their student’s computer for class assignments, reference material, and face-to-face support.  This is a long ways from a slate board and chalk, which most students have never even seen! Having the proper computer equipment can give students a definite edge-especially if it is something that improves your efficiency.

The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard provides something that has long been missing in the new computer environment.  Most of the laptops or tablets, do not have numeric keypads (10-keys), a prime tool students need for working with spreadsheets and accounting programs.  Also, a thumb pad on a laptop can be very spurious in its behavior, and a separate mouse, as used by many, is a nightmare to keep track of and easy to lose, especially with limited desk space at school and traveling back and forth. The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard is a full sized, spill proof, computer keyboard, and it has the mouse built into the space bar.  Here is a quote from a current user that supports its use by his kids.

“I have been using my falcon for over 6 months now and love it! Love it! Love it!. I was wondering how I would adapt to not using the standard mouse. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to learn. When I let my kids use it, I was amazed at how fast they were able to pick it up. I cannot find a reason why I would go back to the mouse and I wish I had this falcon in my  laptop. Great idea.”

Don’t forget to enter “CLASSROOM” at checkout for your special back to school savings!

This Back to School offer may not be combined with any other offer. Offer ends 9/30/2015.

Why The Tech Industry Loves the Falcon Keyboard

Our keyboard was designed to serve a range of different users, but has become especially popular with the tech industry. The Falcon Keyboard has proved to be a powerful tool for everyone from Software developers, Code writers, App Developers and Programmers. This keyboard was designed to make it easy to enter, work with and test new code on multiple devices. In fact, the Falcon Keyboard has many features that make your life as a software developer easier. 

The optical mouse built into the Falcon Keyboard makes it possible to control your cursor without taking your hands off the keyboard. Get more done, efficiently, with fewer interruptions reaching for the mouse.

Control up to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with one Falcon Keyboard– with Bluetooth you can pair with three separate devices and switch control from one to the next with the ease of a simultaneous keystroke (Fn + F1, F2 or F3). Write code on one device and then test your code on two others, say a Windows machine and a Mac or an iPad and an iPhone.

Survive late night munchies, coffee, energy drinks or whatever without fear of destroying your keyboard. The Falcon Keyboard is sealed with a spill proof silicon rubber membrane that resists liquid spills, crumbs, gooey messes and the like and is easy to clean or sanitize.

Work “remotely” with your Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard. With a range up to 30 feet, you can work from anywhere in the room with the keyboard on your lap, the floor, a table or whatever is most comfortable. The keyboard is rigid and grips flat surfaces so it can be placed almost anywhere. The keyboard is ideal for stand up desks and workstations.

Work ergonomically with the low profile falconTM keyboard. Only 1 cm high, it is almost flush with the table top or desk allowing a comfortable typing position without use of a separate wrist rest or support. No “mouse cramps” either. The built-in optical mouse can be controlled by your thumb from a natural hand position with the fingers over the keyboard.

If you are working long hours entering code or typing in general, you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable the falconTM keyboard is to use compared to conventional keyboards and mice.

Falcon Keyboard at #GeekGirlTechCon and Introducing Our New Product Testers Program

Geek Girl Tech Con

The Falcon Keyboard team had a great time at the recent Geek Girl Tech Con in San Diego. It was great to be surrounded by some great minds in tech. Attendees had the opportunity to get a hands on look at the Falcon. There was a great deal of excitement surrounding the keyboard and it’s potential to increase user productivity.

During Geek Girl Tech Con we also unveiled our new Product Testers Program. The program will allow a select number of users to test the Falcon for an extended period of time to experience everything the keyboard has to offer for themselves.

Dozens of men and women signed up to be part of our Testers Program. We are currently in the process of selecting candidates to participate in the program. Their feedback will help drive the way for the next generations of Falcon Keyboards.

Falcon Keyboard at San Diego Startup Week #SDSW


Last week, the Falcon Keyboard team participated in San Diego Startup Week. San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) was founded to showcase leading innovators in Software as a Service, consumer Internet, mobile tech, hardware, and defense tech. We really enjoyed meeting like-minded innovators during Launch FEST. There are so many companies doing really great things here in San Diego. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about the Falcon Keybaord.

Coming Soon From Falcon Enterprises: A Breakthrough Medical Anti-Biological Keyboard

A new Falcon Keyboard is coming! 

Falcon Enterprises, makers of the Falcon Keyboard are preparing to introduce a new specialized anti-biological keyboard to facilitate use in medical and other environmental areas. The spill-proof, silicon rubber anti-biological keyboard with its Bluetooth connectivity, is ideal for use in a laboratory and other biological related facilities.

The nano silver anti-bacterial treatment provides protection for Staphylococcus aureus ATCC6538P, Escherichia coli ATCC8739, and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) ATCC 33591.

The treatment is done in two steps.

Step 1: Antimicrobial additive is added during the silicon rubber mixing process.

Step 2: Antimicrobial additive is added when spray coating the keyboard.

The spray coating is not viewed as a permanent solution since it will wear off depending on how often the keyboard is used or cleaned. The base material treatment has been shown to last several years.

Certification Tests performed by SGS, will show typical results as follows:

The log value of antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli is 4.1, and the log value

of antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus is > 4.0, and the log value of antimicrobial activity against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is >3.6, all comply with JIS Z 2801:2000 Specification for antimicrobial activity and efficacy of antimicrobial products (Log value of antimicrobial activity >/= 2.0.

The falcon keyboards with anti-biological treatment will be available this Summer. Be sure to follow Falcon Keyboards on Facebook to be notified when pre-ordering opens.


What Benefits Are You Looking For in a Computer Keyboard?

Something no one else has? Being first? The new toy? Or, a keyboard that has unique benefits for the work you personally are doing? Since jobs are not identical, a single keyboard cannot possibly meet the varying needs. In past flacon blogs “Computer Keyboard Variations” and “What is New in Computer Keyboards”, attention was directed to the new ‘Mouse in a Space Bar’ keyboard. What follows is a summary of the Falcon Keyboard’s benefits that might meet your specific needs.

Benefit of Cost

The price of an electronic component is likely to be the first item checked. Is it worth the cost? Is it competitive with similar keyboards? There are keyboards available for less than $15.00. There is also the comment ‘you get what you pay for’. The Falcon Keyboard retail cost of $99.00 for a full size computer keyboard that includes a numeric keypad and Bluetooth wireless connection that can link with three different components, is very competitive with similar boards providing the same features. With volume production, this introduction price for the Falcon Keyboard will drop.
Benefit of Hands Remaining Over the Keys

Keeping the operator’s hands/finger tips directly over the keys has been the ‘holy grail’ goal for many years. Instrumented gloves, finger held gadgets, reflective rings, palmed electronics, headgear, earrings, track-bar, foot-peddles, eye contact, virtual grids, and forehead spots are just some of the items showing up in various reports and patents to allow hands to remain over the keys. None of these have gained wide use due to their complicated operation features or costs. The Falcon Keyboard meets the ‘holy grail’ completely at a very reasonable cost.

Benefit of Efficiency

Every keyboard user has their own skill level. The question is then, will the Falcon Keyboard improve their efficiency. A touch typist is different from those doing hunt and peck. A keyboard operator who is on the board day-in and day-out, will have a skill level different from someone using a computer a few minutes at a time. Whatever your individual skill level is, using the Falcon Keyboard will improve your efficiency. A case in point is just eliminating having to reach for a normal mouse or taking hands off of the board to reach the thumb pad and then replacing the hands to continue typing. Obviously, the efficiency benefit will be greater for an operator who is on the keyboard full time.

Benefit of Standard Mouse Elimination

With a Falcon Keyboard, the table space for a mouse is not needed. Where space is limited such as in a delivery truck, at a standing desk, laying on the couch, in dirty environments, etc. the Falcon Keyboard meets the need.

Benefit of Non-Jumping Cursor

There is a standard comment that says: ‘I don’t like my thumb pad since it makes my cursor jump’. Anything that eliminates this comment is a benefit, and the development of the Falcon Keyboard has paid attention to the elimination of any cursor spurious movement.

Benefit of Being Easy to Learn/Use

A keyboard operator gets used to the board to the point that many movements are automatic such as reaching for the standard mouse. You do not even have to think about it. For the Falcon Keyboard, you have to break the habit of reaching for the mouse. However, once you do learn a new habit, it becomes the automatic movement. The operation of the Falcon Keyboard cursor quickly becomes the non-thinking habit. The thumb and finger positions on a standard mouse are identical to the thumb and finger positions on the Falcon Keyboard. No relearning for thumb and finger position required.

Benefit of Multi-Platform BT

A keyboard with a monitor is quite standard. But where you work with multiple monitors such as in a parts service, or game programming, having multiple keyboards is a pain. The Falcon Keyboard can connect with three separate components such as a monitor, tablet, and smartphone at the same time. Going from one to another is done with the click of two keys.

Benefit of Full Size Keys and Spacing

Full-size keys prevent finger cramping and fatigue compared to small keys and spacing.
Benefit of No Stretching and Cramping
Not reaching for a standard mouse or stretching thumbs or fingers to reach a thumb pad, allows the hands on a Falcon Keyboard to remain in a comfortable position while working the board.

Benefit of Left or Right Hand Operation

Lefty’s are usually left out. Not with the Falcon Keyboard, where the cursor and activation key operation can be reversed by pressing the Fn+R+L keys at the same time.

Benefit of Water Resistant

It is very disruptive to lose a keyboard due to a coffee or other drink spill. The silicon rubber sealed Falcon Keyboard is water resistant and allows easy cleaning when used in a medical or industrial environment.

Falcon Keyboard Reviewed on NewsWatch TV

The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard was reviewed during the cable TV show NewsWatch on Thursday, March 5th.

Scott Steinberg, a Nationally Recognized Tech Expert, hosted the half hour show on the History Chanel and on the FYI channel.

The video clip of the Falcon Keyboard portion of the broadcast is at the following link:

Feel free to post any comments on the video or your thoughts on our product.