Falcon Keyboard Reviewed on NewsWatch TV

The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard was reviewed during the cable TV show NewsWatch on Thursday, March 5th.

Scott Steinberg, a Nationally Recognized Tech Expert, hosted the half hour show on the History Chanel and on the FYI channel.

The video clip of the Falcon Keyboard portion of the broadcast is at the following link:


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Falcon™ Keyboard Left-handed Keyboard Operation

Hands typing on a Falcon Keyboard
Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard showing left hand operation.

A new computer keyboard has come onto the market where the mouse has been placed in the space bar, allowing for easy use by either a right-handed or left-handed operator.

Even though only 7-10 percent of the population is left-handed, it is not easy for those whose job requires a lot of computer keyboard operation. Simple things like door knobs on the right side, writing from left to right, numeric keyboard pad on the right, and using scissors are just a few of the obstacles a left-handed person has to overcome. But let’s not forget that being left-handed can still be viewed as “hip” — five of the last seven presidents were left-handed. And, did you know that August 13 is Left Handers Day? Continue reading “Falcon™ Keyboard Left-handed Keyboard Operation”

Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part III

Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard at Work
The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard at work.

Last week we began a review of the Beta Test results and reviews for the Falcon™ Bluetooth Keyboard. Part I provided an overall summary, and Part II presented a few individual tester’s comments. This Part 3 concludes with the final group of individual tester’s comments.

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Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part II

Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard - Mouse in Spacebar
Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard can be used up to 30 feet away from the device.

Our previous post, Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part I, presented an overall summary, and a few individual tester’s comments. In this second part, we continue with individual tester’s comments and reviews.

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Beta Testing the Falcon™ Keyboard Optical Mouse, Part I

Falcon Keyboard spacebar mouse
Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard with a Mouse in the Spacebar.

The falcon™ is a multi-platform keyboard. It is compatible with any Bluetooth capable tablet, smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer. It provides a keyboard with a thumb-controlled cursor on the space bar, or “optical mouse”, and cursor activation keys under the fingertips of the computer operator’s hands.

The optical mouse that Falcon Keyboard has developed and beta tested is defined as the optical system including the activation keys for manipulating the cursor. While the Falcon keyboard has many unique features, the optical mouse can be incorporated in essentially any keyboard, and replace the need for a mouse or trackpad.

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There are how many keyboard suppliers?!

Computer Keyboard - Keyboard Suppliers - Falcon Enterprises One would think that companies like Microsoft, Apple, Logitech, Dell, ACER, and HP are the primary computer keyboard suppliers in the world. While they are, there are at least 47, and probably many more suppliers that provide a wide selection of keyboards. Mechanical, Silicon Rubber, Bluetooth, Mini, Gaming, Industrial, Military, Medical, Ergonomic, with thumb-pads, trackballs, and with and without numeric pads, are all types of keyboards available to use with your computers, tablets or smart phones. Continue reading “There are how many keyboard suppliers?!”