Falcon Keyboard at #GeekGirlTechCon and Introducing Our New Product Testers Program

Geek Girl Tech Con

The Falcon Keyboard team had a great time at the recent Geek Girl Tech Con in San Diego. It was great to be surrounded by some great minds in tech. Attendees had the opportunity to get a hands on look at the Falcon. There was a great deal of excitement surrounding the keyboard and it’s potential to increase user productivity.

During Geek Girl Tech Con we also unveiled our new Product Testers Program. The program will allow a select number of users to test the Falcon for an extended period of time to experience everything the keyboard has to offer for themselves.

Dozens of men and women signed up to be part of our Testers Program. We are currently in the process of selecting candidates to participate in the program. Their feedback will help drive the way for the next generations of Falcon Keyboards.