Ring in the New School Year With Special Savings For Students

It’s time for students, teachers and parents to get ready for a new school year! To help students get ready to go back to school, Falcon Enterprises is making a special offer the Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard.  For a limited time, enter coupon code “CLASSROOM” at checkout and receive $20 off!

Many schools have been adopting centralized computer support; teachers are being given full connectivity to their student’s computer for class assignments, reference material, and face-to-face support.  This is a long ways from a slate board and chalk, which most students have never even seen! Having the proper computer equipment can give students a definite edge-especially if it is something that improves your efficiency.

The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard provides something that has long been missing in the new computer environment.  Most of the laptops or tablets, do not have numeric keypads (10-keys), a prime tool students need for working with spreadsheets and accounting programs.  Also, a thumb pad on a laptop can be very spurious in its behavior, and a separate mouse, as used by many, is a nightmare to keep track of and easy to lose, especially with limited desk space at school and traveling back and forth. The Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard is a full sized, spill proof, computer keyboard, and it has the mouse built into the space bar.  Here is a quote from a current user that supports its use by his kids.

“I have been using my falcon for over 6 months now and love it! Love it! Love it!. I was wondering how I would adapt to not using the standard mouse. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to learn. When I let my kids use it, I was amazed at how fast they were able to pick it up. I cannot find a reason why I would go back to the mouse and I wish I had this falcon in my  laptop. Great idea.”

Don’t forget to enter “CLASSROOM” at checkout for your special back to school savings!

This Back to School offer may not be combined with any other offer. Offer ends 9/30/2015.