Why The Tech Industry Loves the Falcon Keyboard

Our keyboard was designed to serve a range of different users, but has become especially popular with the tech industry. The Falcon Keyboard has proved to be a powerful tool for everyone from Software developers, Code writers, App Developers and Programmers. This keyboard was designed to make it easy to enter, work with and test new code on multiple devices. In fact, the Falcon Keyboard has many features that make your life as a software developer easier. 

The optical mouse built into the Falcon Keyboard makes it possible to control your cursor without taking your hands off the keyboard. Get more done, efficiently, with fewer interruptions reaching for the mouse.

Control up to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with one Falcon Keyboard– with Bluetooth you can pair with three separate devices and switch control from one to the next with the ease of a simultaneous keystroke (Fn + F1, F2 or F3). Write code on one device and then test your code on two others, say a Windows machine and a Mac or an iPad and an iPhone.

Survive late night munchies, coffee, energy drinks or whatever without fear of destroying your keyboard. The Falcon Keyboard is sealed with a spill proof silicon rubber membrane that resists liquid spills, crumbs, gooey messes and the like and is easy to clean or sanitize.

Work “remotely” with your Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard. With a range up to 30 feet, you can work from anywhere in the room with the keyboard on your lap, the floor, a table or whatever is most comfortable. The keyboard is rigid and grips flat surfaces so it can be placed almost anywhere. The keyboard is ideal for stand up desks and workstations.

Work ergonomically with the low profile falconTM keyboard. Only 1 cm high, it is almost flush with the table top or desk allowing a comfortable typing position without use of a separate wrist rest or support. No “mouse cramps” either. The built-in optical mouse can be controlled by your thumb from a natural hand position with the fingers over the keyboard.

If you are working long hours entering code or typing in general, you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable the falconTM keyboard is to use compared to conventional keyboards and mice.