What Benefits Are You Looking For in a Computer Keyboard?

Something no one else has? Being first? The new toy? Or, a keyboard that has unique benefits for the work you personally are doing? Since jobs are not identical, a single keyboard cannot possibly meet the varying needs. In past flacon blogs “Computer Keyboard Variations” and “What is New in Computer Keyboards”, attention was directed to the new ‘Mouse in a Space Bar’ keyboard. What follows is a summary of the Falcon Keyboard’s benefits that might meet your specific needs.

Benefit of Cost

The price of an electronic component is likely to be the first item checked. Is it worth the cost? Is it competitive with similar keyboards? There are keyboards available for less than $15.00. There is also the comment ‘you get what you pay for’. The Falcon Keyboard retail cost of $99.00 for a full size computer keyboard that includes a numeric keypad and Bluetooth wireless connection that can link with three different components, is very competitive with similar boards providing the same features. With volume production, this introduction price for the Falcon Keyboard will drop.
Benefit of Hands Remaining Over the Keys

Keeping the operator’s hands/finger tips directly over the keys has been the ‘holy grail’ goal for many years. Instrumented gloves, finger held gadgets, reflective rings, palmed electronics, headgear, earrings, track-bar, foot-peddles, eye contact, virtual grids, and forehead spots are just some of the items showing up in various reports and patents to allow hands to remain over the keys. None of these have gained wide use due to their complicated operation features or costs. The Falcon Keyboard meets the ‘holy grail’ completely at a very reasonable cost.

Benefit of Efficiency

Every keyboard user has their own skill level. The question is then, will the Falcon Keyboard improve their efficiency. A touch typist is different from those doing hunt and peck. A keyboard operator who is on the board day-in and day-out, will have a skill level different from someone using a computer a few minutes at a time. Whatever your individual skill level is, using the Falcon Keyboard will improve your efficiency. A case in point is just eliminating having to reach for a normal mouse or taking hands off of the board to reach the thumb pad and then replacing the hands to continue typing. Obviously, the efficiency benefit will be greater for an operator who is on the keyboard full time.

Benefit of Standard Mouse Elimination

With a Falcon Keyboard, the table space for a mouse is not needed. Where space is limited such as in a delivery truck, at a standing desk, laying on the couch, in dirty environments, etc. the Falcon Keyboard meets the need.

Benefit of Non-Jumping Cursor

There is a standard comment that says: ‘I don’t like my thumb pad since it makes my cursor jump’. Anything that eliminates this comment is a benefit, and the development of the Falcon Keyboard has paid attention to the elimination of any cursor spurious movement.

Benefit of Being Easy to Learn/Use

A keyboard operator gets used to the board to the point that many movements are automatic such as reaching for the standard mouse. You do not even have to think about it. For the Falcon Keyboard, you have to break the habit of reaching for the mouse. However, once you do learn a new habit, it becomes the automatic movement. The operation of the Falcon Keyboard cursor quickly becomes the non-thinking habit. The thumb and finger positions on a standard mouse are identical to the thumb and finger positions on the Falcon Keyboard. No relearning for thumb and finger position required.

Benefit of Multi-Platform BT

A keyboard with a monitor is quite standard. But where you work with multiple monitors such as in a parts service, or game programming, having multiple keyboards is a pain. The Falcon Keyboard can connect with three separate components such as a monitor, tablet, and smartphone at the same time. Going from one to another is done with the click of two keys.

Benefit of Full Size Keys and Spacing

Full-size keys prevent finger cramping and fatigue compared to small keys and spacing.
Benefit of No Stretching and Cramping
Not reaching for a standard mouse or stretching thumbs or fingers to reach a thumb pad, allows the hands on a Falcon Keyboard to remain in a comfortable position while working the board.

Benefit of Left or Right Hand Operation

Lefty’s are usually left out. Not with the Falcon Keyboard, where the cursor and activation key operation can be reversed by pressing the Fn+R+L keys at the same time.

Benefit of Water Resistant

It is very disruptive to lose a keyboard due to a coffee or other drink spill. The silicon rubber sealed Falcon Keyboard is water resistant and allows easy cleaning when used in a medical or industrial environment.