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Not everyone has the time or the tools to build out their own custom keyboards. Luckily, there are a variety of prebuilt keyboards that are just as good!

Low-Profile Keyboards

A good low-profile keyboard should be thin, comfortable, and durable. It should have low-profile key switches that reduce the distance between the keys, making typing faster and more comfortable.

Low-profile Keyboards

For those who care about desk space

Wireless Keyboards

No cables? No problem

Mechanical Keyboards

Clickity Clack

Royal Kludge RK61Gateron Optical Red, Brown, or BlueWired61-key$59.99
GMMK ProGateron Pro, Glorious Panda, or Omni SwitchWired75-key$149.99
Anne Pro 2Cherry MX Brown, Blue, Black, or RedWired60-key$89.99
Ducky One 2 MiniCherry MX Brown, Blue, Black, or RedWired60-key$99.99
Keychron K6Gateron Optical Red, Brown, or BlueWireless or Wired65-key$79.99
Ducky One 3 SFCherry MX Brown, Blue, Black, or RedWired65-key$129.99
Razer Huntsman Tournament EditionRazer Optical SwitchesWired87-key$149.99
Keydous NJ80 APGateron Optical Red, Brown, or BlueWired80-key$99.99
Razer Huntsman MiniRazer Optical SwitchesWired60-key$99.99
SteelSeries Apex ProOmniSwitchWired87-key$149.99
RedDragon K552Outemu Red SwitchesWired87-key$39.99