Here are some of the things people are saying about the Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard:


As a finger, or hunt & peck, typist I had a little difficulty in using the two activation keys for the Left/Right click operation. It should be easy to make the lens mount such that it could be depressed to perform the clicking operations. Otherwise, after I got a little experience, it was a joy to use. As suggested in the Operation Manual, I found it important to start at a slow cursor tracking speed, and as I gained experience, to keep increasing the speed. No more separate mouse or track-pads for me. – TECH57

I saw this product in the Skymall magazine while traveling from Phoenix to San Diego. This is the first Bluetooth keyboard I seen so far that has a built in optical mouse on the space bar to save space. I have been looking for a full sized bluetooth keyboard that is durable for traveling purpose…   FORMOSAONE

Wow! I really like this falcon keyboard. I have already shut down the track pad on my lap top and have discontinued the use of my wireless mouse. I do not have the feeling to go back to the mouse after using the falcon. And I also do some CAD work with this new board without a problem with control. The soft silicon rubber keys have a great feel, slick to the touch, and with very good ‘feedback’ on key stroke.
The speed of cursor action was easily adjusted to my skill level. As my efficiency improved, I was able to move the cursor speed to almost the maximum possible, and still maintain accurate cursor placement on the monitor. The thumb locator ring around the space bar cursor lens really helps keep the thumb in the right position for good operation. EUIE

I have been using my falcon for over 6 months now and love it! Love it! Love it!. I was wondering how I would adapt to not using the standard mouse. At 54 years old, change does not come as easy as it used too, but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to learn. When I let my kids use it, I was alarmed at how fast they were able to pick it up. I cannot find a reason why I would go back to the mouse and I wish I had this falcon in my  laptop. Great idea, Thank you – CRAIG N. 



The Falcon connected with my MacBook Pro without a problem (and as someone less technologically gifted I greatly appreciated the simplicity of this). Falcon’s keyboard is by the far the most comfortable keyboard I’ve had the pleasure of using — the keys are soft and at a level natural to keep hands in place effortlessly. Upon the first seconds of use I had to settle into it but its design is so thought out with its comfortable typing position with the cruiser conveniently placed in the middle — there is no risk of this being an uncomfortable product to use. Once one has subconsciously/muscle-memory mastered the use of Falcon (for example using the cruiser instead of jumping back and forth to the mouse or down blow for the pad) it is incredibly convenient and efficient and a huge step up from a normal keyboard. There is zero lag and very easy to switch to and from devices as needed. I am very pleased with the comfort of this product both in its general feel, easiness to use and efficiency! – ANNA (STUDENT)



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  1. I am the technology director and I love my Falcon keyboard! I work on multiple platforms including Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome and I can switch seamlessly between those formats. I love not having to grab for my mouse every few seconds. This is definitely a keyboard in a league of its’ own!

  2. Attended a Geek Girl event here in San Diego and found a booth on Falcon Keyboard. It not only looked cool at first glance, but also very easy and portable to use. I take it around when working at other places away from home. Makes it easy to use for MacBook laptops. Love the feel of the keyboard too and that it’s bluetooth and rechargeable.

  3. Falcon Keyboard truly exceeded my expectations. It’s perfect for the “on the go” professional like myself. The seamless switching between devices and built in mouse helps to maximize my work efficiency. Thanks Falcon team!

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