Falcon™ Keyboard Left-handed Keyboard Operation

Hands typing on a Falcon Keyboard
Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard showing left hand operation.

A new computer keyboard has come onto the market where the mouse has been placed in the space bar, allowing for easy use by either a right-handed or left-handed operator.

Even though only 7-10 percent of the population is left-handed, it is not easy for those whose job requires a lot of computer keyboard operation. Simple things like door knobs on the right side, writing from left to right, numeric keyboard pad on the right, and using scissors are just a few of the obstacles a left-handed person has to overcome. But let’s not forget that being left-handed can still be viewed as “hip” — five of the last seven presidents were left-handed. And, did you know that August 13 is Left Handers Day? Continue reading “Falcon™ Keyboard Left-handed Keyboard Operation”

Falcon™ Keyboard: Visit Us at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

consumer electronics showThe Big Show!

For those of you interested in electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), scheduled each year for the first week of January in Las Vegas, is a great event to visit. This past January, over 150,000 visitors were logged. Curved TVs, robotic planes, 3-D printing, 4HD, smart phones, video games, the electronic home, vehicle electronics, GPS, and on and on, are just the tip of the various products being shown. This year should be no different. Continue reading “Falcon™ Keyboard: Visit Us at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)”